FILMMAKING is my passion. I’m in love with love.

These babies grow up so quickly.

How do you want to remember your children? How do you want your children to remember you?

I want you to look back on your film/photos and remember every little detail. I am excited to capture you and your loved ones. My goal is to capture honest photos of your family and children.

I take a documentary approach to photography and use my understanding of my equipment and natural light to create film & images that will become works of art that you can pass down for generations to come.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your session with me.  


I will send you a questionnaire ASAP to better understand your family. This allows me to serve you better. Then we will lock down location. The Friday before the session I will email you with confirmation.

Via e-mail we will discuss location selection, wardrobe selection, and answer any questions you have. 


I will be showing up at about 15 minutes early to take some initial footage of the house outside before knocking on your door at our scheduled time. I'll also be staying about 15 minutes after filming shooting the closure, things like your doorstep, plants, etc. I always feel like such a creeper doing this, but it helps with the opening/closing scenes.

I'll be filming with your family for 3-4 hours. I do not pose or provide any guidance during this time. It is essential that your children understand I'm like more like an auntie coming over to hang out and less like a photographer coming to take pictures. Please do not feel obligated to offer me anything during our time together. I'll bring water and anything I need along with me to the session.


This is film footage that can be used to transition from one scene to another. It is footage that typically does not contain people but things that are important around your house. Kids rooms, books, pictures hanging on the wall, family heirlooms, and various other items around the house. Sometimes I walk off without warning to capture some of these things. It's always lovely you know this ahead of time because otherwise, it can be just weird for me to move into another room and film a bookshelf. :)


Please go about your business as though it's a typical Saturday with your babies. If the kids need a break, have a tantrum, or you need to speak with them, I will likely give you some space by going and filming some b-roll within the house. I'm a mom too, so I know how it goes. I deal with tons of tantrums, have struggled with breastfeeding, deal with blowouts and all of the mom things. So I get it. :)


The film is the priority, but I'll also be taking lifestyle images. I can only promise about 20 still pictures.

Film over Images

Please turn off all the lights and open all the blinds in all windows. It helps create beautiful, consistent lighting. It may seem dark in some rooms, but I can use my camera settings and knowledge of light direction to create a beautiful scene in even the darkest of places. Please try to remember not to turn on the lights when walking into a room.


Please put away phones, tablets, and turn the tv off. The goal is to capture real connections and your love as a family.

Tech-Free Day

Don't worry about cleaning — the way that I capture film you cannot see anything except for the subject in focus. It's also lovely to film the family doing everyday chores, kids helping with things like picking up, doing the dishes or sweeping can make for adorable footage.


 The only thing I ask is that you avoid logos and fine-line stripe prints. Thick stripes are okay. Thin lines create an effect on the camera that makes the footage look blurry.

What to Wear

We will come away with something beautiful no matter what happens during the session.

Have Fun, Relax